Posted by: Brenda Lee | July 8, 2017

Asea With You

Stars twinkling, in tune and time
Dancing asea, with my beloved
Sea’s symphony, crescendoing
Lost in a world with my beloved
Midnight melodies seal our union
Our heartbeats synchronize
As we trip the night fantastic
Our love endures on…

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Posted by: Brenda Lee | July 7, 2017

Moonlight Melodies

My beloved, how I long
To be where I belong
As the sea caresses tenderly
Hugging Mermaid curves
Hours of pure ecstasy
Swimming to the melodies
Of the sea’s symphony…

All Rights Reserved by BrainyRedhead©2017

Posted by: Brenda Lee | January 9, 2017

Golden Windows Of Opportunity

From the sea, I arise

To a brand new day

Opportunities await, with a roll of the dice

Hidden like needles in a haystack, ready to pay

Pearls of wisdom, for the wise

Carpe diem! Seas the day!

All Rights Reserved by @BrainyRedhead 2017

Posted by: Brenda Lee | May 26, 2015

Stormy Seas Of Life

When I look across the stormy seas of life

A bright beacon of light, is shining afar

His smile, the sunshine of happiness

His melodies, so heartfelt and pure

Singing from his heart and soul

Italian Merman, is bringing happiness and joy

Into my American Mermaid heart…

All Rights Reserved by @BrainyRedhead 2015

Posted by: Brenda Lee | August 28, 2014

Welcome To The Digital Age

Silently and stealthily
Unbeknownst to us
Our privacy being robbed
We’re being watched
Stalked and monitored
Even in our own homes
Cybercriminals, robbing us
Government and stores
Spying on us, gathering info
Hackers turning on cams
Listening in on conversations
During your Skype sessions
Roku boxes, a peepshow
Step outside, no privacy still
Camera phones everywhere
Taking videos and photos
Without your permission…
Welcome to the Digital Age.

All Rights Reserved by @BrainyRedhead 2014

Posted by: Brenda Lee | August 17, 2014

Carpenter’s Daughter

My crown, upon my red curly updo

Before my King of Kings, I bow

I’m the daughter of a King

A Carpenter’s Daughter

Heavenly Father, I love you

For all my days, I vow

To be worthy a daughter of a King

Do what is right, despite the wrongs

Rise above and take many high roads

Lend a hand or an ear to help

Pray, when there is no hope

Stay classy and be a lady

Walk regally, with my head up high

I’m the Carpenter’s Daughter…

My Savior, when I walk and talk

For You, I give You all the glory.

All Rights Reserved by @BrainyRedhead 2014

Posted by: Brenda Lee | August 16, 2014

Drifting And Soaring High

Stars in the sky, twinkling

Moonlight, shining high

You and I, together

Our melodies meld

As we dance the night away

Drifting and soaring high

Lost in a world of our own

Dancing happily, without a care

Drifting and soaring high…

All Rights Reserved by @BrainyRedhead 2014

Posted by: Brenda Lee | August 11, 2014

Drifting Memories

Drifting memories

Of the past…

Soaring melodies

Sing your songs

Carrying you high

There’s no need

For sadness

Or a goodbye

Your heart and soul

Are free at last

It’s time to sing and soar!

All Rights Reserved by @BrainyRedhead 2014

Posted by: Brenda Lee | August 11, 2014

Winds Of Change

Winds of change

Breathe life into my words

Keep them everlasting

As the seasons change

So my words can remain true

Throughout the years

Renew and revitalize

Inspire those to soar.

All Rights Reserved by @BrainyRedhead 2014

Posted by: Brenda Lee | July 23, 2014

The Lord’s Melodies ♫

Angel Choir and their wings humming

With The Lord’s Melodies of the night

Sweet dreams, those sweet songs

Being sung, all the night long

Heavenly Father

Your Melodies, my dreams soar

Without You, My Lord

My heart won’t be beating

In tune and time

To Your Heavenly Melodies…

Where my dreams come true.

All Rights Reserved by @BrainyRedhead 2014

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